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The Marina’s Terms & Conditions

1. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for any damage to your boat and property whilst in our marina.

2. You will need to have a valid Canal & River Trust Licence, Boat Safety Certificate or Recreational Craft Requirements Declaration of Conformity, and insurance in place with a minimum third party cover of £1,000,000.

3. The berth offered is specific to you and your nominated boat and is not transferable.

4. We want to keep our marina to a high standard and enjoyable for all who moor within it. Therefore;

– Any messy or noisy work should be done elsewhere.
– Boats should be well maintained and kept looking tidy.
– Please take real care if you have to re-fuel in the marina.
– Please consider other boaters with regard to noise and behaviour.
– Dogs are welcome provided they are not annoying or threatening to other boaters.
– Please clear up any dog mess and dispose of properly. Do not take your dogs into the Marina shower block facilities.
– Please use the barbeque area by the shower block if you wish to barbeque.
– Please keep all your items on your boat. We would like to keep the jetties and paths clear. No items such as bicycles, canoes, etc, should be stored on the roof of your boat. A low lying storage box is only permitted on the roof if it has been approved by Barton Grange Marina.
– Rubbish bins for domestic waste are provided. Please consolidate your rubbish as much as possible. If you are doing a refit of your boat you must make arrangements to dispose of surplus materials independently.

5. We do not have permission for residential moorings so please do not live on your boat permanently.

6. Wood burning is not permitted; please ensure you use smokeless fuel only.

7. If selling your boat, please use our preferred broker, Bridge House Marina, and do not advertise within the marina.

8. All persons use the facilities at their own risk.

9. Please give 28 days notice if you wish to leave and in return we will do the same if we would like you to leave.

10. Please be aware that the jetties may from time to time become slippery. Please be careful and minimise the risk by wearing suitable footwear.

11. The level of lighting in the marina was agreed and set by the Local Authorities at the time of opening our Marina. From time to time, you may wish to carry a torch.

12. We may need to amend these terms from time to time and will keep you informed if we do so.

Last Updated: 11.12.13